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Sydney Film School is one of the top film schools in the world.

The School was founded over 10 years ago out of a desire to create a practical filmmaking experience focusing on the skills that are required for a successful career in the global film industry.

Now located alongside International Screen Academy in Waterloo we are situated in a purpose built facility with world-class equipment available to our students. In addition, a ready supply of emerging screen actors at our filmmakers’ disposal will certainly strengthen casting outcomes. Our model is one that encourages your creative expression and gives you real filmmaking experience.

The school is set up as a working film production house that makes around 180 short films a year. Our students are the filmmakers. It is an intense learning experience but one that results in our graduates leaving us with somewhere up to 20 film credits at the end of their time with us.

When you graduate, you will have worked “on set” and “in post” in an environment that replicates the real world.  You will have made your mistakes, you will have produced work that is truly creative and you will be ready to take on the world.

We only teach filmmaking. We offer two one-year courses: a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. The Diploma provides you with a working knowledge of all the fundamental disciplines of filmmaking, including storytelling, content creation and teamwork. The Advanced Diploma takes that knowledge and allows you to apply to it to your chosen area of specialisation to produce films of greater depth and technique.

Combined they give you a unique foundation for your career.

We have close contact with the film industry. All our teachers currently work in the industry as well as teach.  They have their finger on the pulse. We invite prominent film personalities to share their career experiences with you and we are well connected with our Alumni (now numbering over 1,000), the majority of whom are following successful screen careers around the world.

By choosing Sydney Film School you will join a community that has diverse roots but is united in a passion for filmmaking.

We invite you to join that community.


At Sydney Film School we pride ourselves on providing filmmaking courses of the highest calibre. We produce graduates who are industry ready, have real film credits and are able to access our network of teaching staff, alumni and industry partners to secure work in the film and screen industries.

At Sydney Film School we promise:

  • State of the art studio facilities at our new home in Waterloo.
  • Unrivalled production opportunities – our students make around 180 short films each year
  • Your own production budgets included in the course fee
  • An opportunity to build up to 20 credits over two years
  • Access to a pool of acting students through our partner school International Screen Academy
  • An environment that replicates the ‘real world’ and not an institution
  • An 85% industry employment rate for our AD graduates


Landing a job in the film industry is not just about your qualification; it is about the practical level of experience that you have.  Employers look for production experience and at SFS, you will get more production experience in one year than any other comparable course in Australia.  The Industry knows this and respects the ability of our graduates.  You can check out for yourself by what they have to say below.

“My organisation has been associated with Sydney Film School Pty Ltd since 2004. We have employed a number of talented Sydney Film School Screen, Media Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs graduates over the years as part of our rental and production teams. Sydney Film School graduates can be relied on to be deployed in film and TV productions with professional level competencies in screen production, directing, cinematography, sound and editing. These graduates have proved themselves to be an asset to the business at an early stage in a way that reflected on them favourably compared to other junior applicants. “

Sue Greenshields (Managing Director) Lemac Film and Digital

Panavision Australia has employed a number of graduates of Sydney Film School, Screen and Media Diploma and Advanced Diploma prograns and also other graduate level employees. These graduates proved themselves to be an asset to our business at an early stage in a way that reflected on them favourably compared to other junior applicants. In my professional opinion, Sydney Film School graduates can be relied upon to be deployed in film and TV productionswith professional level competence in screen production, directing, cinematography, sound and editing.”

Paul Jackson (Managing Director) Panavision Asia Pacific


Our focus is to make our Graduates career ready. As a SFS graduate, you have an 85% success rate for employment in the industry or in further related studies.

As a result of production house model, all our Graduates, leave with their extensive show reel of films.  These are their gateway into the industry.

To boost our graduates profile in the industry, we distribute the best of our films each semester to represent the School in a number of the key global film festivals.

We supports our graduates by using our extensive industry networks to provide exclusive access to a Weekly Job Bulletin.

SFS also directly facilitates our students’ pathway into Industry by providing traineeships to graduates both within the School itself and within its wholly owned commercial production company, Sydney Film Studios.  The Studios employs some of most talented students and provides them with invaluable real world commercial opportunities.


In what is an exciting development for creative screen arts education, International Screen Academy (ISA) and Sydney Film School (SFS) have come together to form a new alliance.

Sydney Film School has now relocated to ISA’s Studios in Young Street, Waterloo to create a new hub of acting and filmmaking excellence.

SFS Artistic Director Ben Ferris said, “We are particularly pleased to be remaining in the suburb of Waterloo.  We have a strong heritage in the local community and that is something that we are keen to continue alongside our new partners”.

Our new address is 242 Young Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017


Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015)(CRICOS 068333F)

International Student Fee: $28,000

One year full time – two semesters of 20 weeks each

The Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015) is a one year practical, hands-on introductory course, where students experience every aspect of filmmaking.

Students work across a slate of drama and documentary films under industry conditions.

In this real world production environment students learn storytelling, craft and technical skills from passionate, industry-qualified trainers.

The School supplies all the essential equipment and a budget for your film projects.

We believe deadlines and audiences are of vital importance, so every drama and documentary is carried to completion and is screened at the prestigious Sydney Film School Festival.

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615)(CRICOS 074037G)

International Student Fee: $28,000

One year full time – two semesters of 20 weeks each

The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA60615) deepens your creative and technical skills, and prepares you for entry into the industry.

You will write and direct a short narrative film (between 10 – 15 minutes) and choose one craft specialization from:

  • Producing
  • Production Design
  • Cinematography
  • Sound
  • Editing

The year divides roughly into three phases: concept/script development; an intensive overlapping period of pre-production and production; and an extended post-production phase leading up to our prestigious Sydney Film School Festival, when every film screens.

Highlights of the course include intensives in Directing Actors, Writing/Directing, Screen Careers and Concept Development.

In the Advanced Diploma you have the benefit of studying in very small class sizes within your craft area.  Our industry mentors are craft experts and are dedicated to quality student outcomes.

Within your craft area you will work across a slate of short films, which will provide the team with a portfolio ready for distribution. Our in-house Distribution Officer manages entry of select films into the international film festival circuit and other emerging forms of distribution.

Advanced Diploma graduates have exceptional emplyment rates in the industry.

Advanced Diploma graduates may apply for an exclusive exchange scholarships to two international film schools, the École Superieure des Études Cinematographiques (in Paris) and the Instituto di Cinema Madrid.

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