Kuliah di AIS New Zealand

AIS New Zealand is rated by NZQA as Category 1 (highest rating education institution).

Established in 1990, Auckland Institute of Studies is one of New Zealand’s largest independent degree-granting institutions.

You will benefit from studying one of a wide range of NZQA-approved qualifications, including diploma and degree programmes in business, tourism management, hospitality management, information technology (IT), business administration and English language. Our flexible three-semester system and cross credit recognition allows you to fast-track your studies and get a head start on your career.

A friendly and nurturing environment balances and supports our rigorous academic programmes. At AIS  New Zealand you will experience expert personalised education in small classes. Whether from New Zealand or overseas, you will receive everything you need to feel comfortable and confident while studying with us – ensuring that you are well-equipped to succeed once you complete your qualification.


    1. Great Value

      Established in 1990, AIS New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s largest Tertiary Education Organisations offering a wide range of NZQA-approved degree, diploma and language qualifications. Students take advantage of attractively priced, quality programmes in business administration, business, information technology, hospitality management and tourism management, complemented, if needed, by excellent support from the AIS English Language Centre.

    2. Individual Focus

      Our teaching faculty value personal contact with students, and class numbers are kept low to maintain high quality standards. Our students receive a high level of personal attention and are supported to maximise their potential.

      Our Student Services team, in conjunction with academic faculty, advise on programmes that match students’ requirements and career aspirations.

    3. Multicultural Environment

      AIS New Zealand attracts students from New Zealand and around the world. A multicultural, family-oriented environment provides a stimulating setting where overseas students can meet New Zealanders, leading to close interaction across cultures and development of life-long friendships and personal networks. Our students find work in New Zealand and across the globe after successful completion of their studies.

    4. Academic Staff and Research

      Our degree programme lecturers are leaders in their disciplines, active in research, and well-published in fields relevant to their courses. Small class sizes maximise learning opportunities and the personal contact that students have with their teachers.

    5. Employment

      AIS New Zealand provides assistance to students on all employment issues. This includes conducting workshops on CV preparation and interview techniques, and finding appropriate employment opportunities. Our Student Careers Centre also contacts potential employers and makes interview arrangements.

    6. Industry Links and Internships

      Our programmes are market and industry driven. Employers participate in our advisory committees to ensure programmes are up to date. Live projects and industry practice in our programmes provide practical training and develop work connections. Our internship programme provides opportunities for graduate and MBA students which may lead to full-time employment in New Zealand.

    7. Student Support Services

      AIS attaches great importance to the welfare of students on campus. Our multi-lingual Student Services Officers are experienced in dealing with problems faced by New Zealand and international students, and are always available to provide support during their studies.

    8. Fast-Track Programmes and Flexible Entry Dates

      AIS has a flexible three-semester system (January/February, May and September each year) for undergraduate and graduate qualifications that allows you to fast-track your studies. Committed students can complete their programmes in a shorter time than at traditional institutions, which reduces costs and allows faster entry into employment.

      Our postgraduate qualifications (PGDBA and MBA) offer six intakes per year (usually early February, late March, late May, mid-July, mid-September and early November).

      Our English Language Centre has an intake every Monday.

    9. Credit Recognition 

      AIS can offer a number of credits to students who have completed New Zealand diplomas or other qualifications, enabling students to “top-up” to degree level.

      Students with prior studies at our international partner institutes and other international institutions are also eligible to apply for credits.

      Applications for credits are made after arrival for the start of a programme. Approvals are given by our Academic Board, based on level, credit value and content mapping with AIS courses.

    10. Study Skills Advisor

      Our Study Skills Advisor assists students to improve their academic performance, with a particular focus on students who need extra academic support. Assistance includes one-on-one consultations, a “Study Buddies” programme, and regular workshops on essay writing, study skills, referencing and exam preparation.

    11. Scholarships and Excellence Awards

      Each semester AIS New Zealand awards academic scholarships at undergraduate and graduate level, and certificates of academic excellence at postgraduate level, to high-performing students continuing their programmes with us. Academic scholarships are based on academic results achieved in the previous two semesters, and certificates of academic excellence are based on the first 10 or 20 modules completed in the PGBDA and MBA programmes.

    12. Immigration and Visas

      AIS New Zealand offers students an online visa service in partnership with Immigration New Zealand. International students can apply for their visas on campus, and graduates can also apply for a one-year Post-Study Work Visa (Open). Our St Helens Campus-based Online Visa Officer provides support and assistance with student and work visa issues.

      New Zealand’s immigration policy supports settlement of international students who have the skills and talent the country needs. All our qualifications at Level 6 and above qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category, and qualifications on the skills shortage list (our Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degrees) provide bonus points.

    13. Student Loans and Allowances

      New Zealand citizens and permanent residents can apply for student loans and allowances, subject to certain criteria. Our Student Services team can provide assistance with applications to StudyLink.

    14. Transport

      In order to provide our students with a warm, welcoming experience when they arrive in New Zealand, AIS New Zealand offers airport pick-up for all first-time arrivals.

      A free shuttle bus service runs between the St Helens Campus and the city centre on week days. Both the St Helens and Asquith Campuses are conveniently located close to bus routes. The Western Line rail network passes close to our campuses, enabling students to find affordable accommodation in West Auckland.

    15. Large Spacious Campus

      The park-like grounds of the St Helens Campus are complemented by indoor recreational facilities, including a gymnasium and sports hall, at our Asquith Campus, which add to the atmosphere of the institute. Plenty of free student parking is also offered.




Uang kuliah normal Total fees untuk yang mendaftar melalui kami
MBA (Master of Business Administration) 18 bulan total  – dengan pilihan: 2 bulan Field Study / 3 bulan internship / 6 bulan skripsi NZ$32,700 $24,000 + $2,700
PGDBA (Post Graduate Diploma of Business Administration)  

12 bulan

NZ$21,800 $16,000 + $1800
GDBus (Graduate Diploma of Business /Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management /GDHM (Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management) 12 bulan NZ$18,920 $14,460 + $840
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology 12 bulan NZ$19,600 $14,270 + $1,760
Dip L5/Dip L6/Bachelor L7 in Business / Hospitality Management / Tourism Management Lv 5 – 1 tahun

Lv 6 – 1 tahun

Bachelor: 7 -9 semester

NZ$17,920/ tahun $14,080 / tahun + $840
Bachelor L7 in IT 7 – 9 semester NZ$18,600 $13,840 + $1,760


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

As the most internationally-recognised business qualification in the world today, the MBA is a powerful qualification to earn if you are looking to become a respected leader in the business industry. Based on a practical programme of theoretical, applied and research – students can gain the knowledge required for accurate and powerful executive decision making.

At AIS, we offer four MBA specialisations – tailored to your future career ambitions:

  • International Business
  • Finance,
  • Marketing
  • Operations/Logistics

Additionally, the 18-month MBA can be completed at your leisure with three alternative pathways to choose from:

  • 27 modules and a two-month Field Study
  • 25 modules and a three-month Internship
  • 20 modules and a six-month Dissertation

Comprised of five challenging stages, students must complete a set number of modules at each stage to progress. To support this progress, the AIS team of MBA teaching staff are selected for their special blend of qualifications, research activities and industry knowledge.

Of course, the MBA is approved and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. To ensure the programme remains one of the best in the world, it is regularly reviewed with modules added, changes or removed.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA)

If you are a manager who wants to increase their prospects in a short time frame, then the 12-month Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) is designed for you. As a stepping stone towards the MBA, the PGDBA is made up of 20 modules that incorporate all elements of business administration.

The PGDBA is held within small groups to ensure each student has the ability to learn in a collaborative and rewarding manner. In fact, there is the opportunity to complete a MBA with six months further study should students earn a PGDBA from AIS.

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-IT field, but are looking to advance in a particular field of IT, then consider the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GDIT). Supporting such careers as systems analyst, project manager or network technician, this programme can offer the base of IT knowledge to complement any degree.
Students select eight courses from one of three specialist topics including Software Development, Computer Networks and Information Systems.

Bachelor of Information Technology

For students that want a career in software development, programming and project management, the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) might be the best programme. Designed to prepare students across a number of IT sub-disciplines, students learn the necessary skills to become true leaders in the IT field. Students have the opportunity to select a specialisation from the following; Software Development, Computer Networks and Information Systems.

Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business (BBus) programme contains business courses at Stages 1, 2 and 3, and gives students the opportunity to develop areas of in-depth strength by choosing electives and by completing a specialisation. The degree can be awarded with or without one of the following specialisations:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing

It is possible to achieve a double specialisation if the requirements of both specialisations are met.

The BBus (Accounting) is accredited by CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). With careful selection of your electives you can satisfy the academic requirements for admission to CAANZ and CPA Australia membership, a big step toward becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Testimonial Anandita DanaatmadjaBachelor of Hospitality Management

If you wish to acquire a managerial role in the fast-growing hospitality sector both in New Zealand and overseas, the BHM provides a solid foundation in the key functions of management, marketing and economics.

Both your theoretical and practical skills will be honed since you get to partake in work placements as well as build you hospitality business acumen through the courses of the BHM. There’s also an opportunity to flex your academic research muscles by choosing between a Hospitality Management Research Project or Applied Hospitality Management Project.

Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
The GDHM is ideal for those who already have a bachelor’s degree or similar qualification in a discipline other than hospitality management, but wish to embark in a career in this sector and need a qualification to facilitate the change of direction. Alongside learning the core principles, theories and applications of this sector, you will be able to participate in an internship programme at reputable hospitality establishments such as Hilton Hotels and SkyCity, to name a few.

Bachelor of Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) is a unique three-year, 21-course programme designed for students seeking employment in professional roles in the tourism industry leading to future leadership positions. Graduates will learn to integrate relevant theory, analytical tools and applied skills to implement best practice across a broad range of tourism management functions.

Graduate Diploma of Tourism Management

The Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (GDTM) is a one-year programme comprising seven courses, and is designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than Tourism Management who wish to broaden their career options. For some students, it is a prelude to postgraduate study in Tourism Management; for others it is a bridge into an employment situation which meaningfully utilises their dual skill set.

and level 5 & 6 courses in those areas.