• Kesempatan mendapatkan beasiswa sebesar $2,000/trisemester bagi yang memenuhi persyaratan
  • Uang kuliah Bachelor tahun pertama bisa menjadi $4,000/semester
  • GRATIS Pengurusan pendaftaran
  • GRATIS Pengurusan visa
  • Voucher cashback kursus IELTS s/d 60%
  • Harga spesial pengurusan visa kerja setelah lulus, melalui agen migrasi partner kami



Victoria University is known for its industry-focused courses, flexible approach to education, and supportive and culturally diverse learning environment.

Our research and international reputation is also regarded as world-class.

Ranked in the top 2% of universities globally (Times Higher Education World University Rankings), Victoria University is world class in the west.

Victoria University has partnered with the Education Centre of Australia since 2007, to deliver courses in Sydney.

We offer undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting and information systems (computer science).

Students who enroll in our courses delivered in Sydney will graduate with a Victoria University degree.

Reason to study with Victoria University Sydney

  • Your qualification will be internationally recognised.
    Victoria University is a public university, part of the Australian tertiary education system – one of the best education systems in the world.
  • Be job-ready from the day you graduate.
    Our courses are practical and based on industry needs. Learning in the workplace and job placement is an important part of your study. You will gain 21st-century learning skills including communication, teamwork and analytical thinking. Our job placement service will help you find a job when you graduate.
  • We will help you grow.
    We make it easy for you to enter at the right level and exit when you reach your goal. You can advance your education with courses at various levels, depending on your needs.
  • We will support your transition to life at university in Australia.
    We can help you find accommodation, and provide additional learning sessions to improve your study skills and your English if necessary.
  • Sydney is a great place to live, study and have fun.
    With our campus in a central location, you will be close to everything one of the world’s great cities has to offer.



Preparing for your career

Victoria University’s (VU) partnership with the Education Centre of Australia (ECA) allows VU Sydney students access to opportunities for improving English language skills in preparation to enter the workforce. ECA’s Department of Recruitment and Professional Development (DRPD) can help you find a job and prepare for your career by offering these programs.

Professional internship program

ECA is proud to offer VU graduates a Volunteer Professional Internship Program. This exciting program is designed for graduates seeking work experience in Australia. The advantages of an internship include:

  • Gaining hands-on experience in your chosen field
  • Being exposed to Australia’s professional culture
  • Developing a professional network
  • Gaining an advantage for job applications (for example, employers are interested in experience as well as qualifications)
  • Increasing your employment prospects. Host companies often look to train interns for future employment if they are successful during their internship.

Graduate Recruitment Program

A free program offered by ECA to Victoria University Sydney graduating students: the Graduate Recruitment Program, prepares students in their final semester for job interviews and the Australian workplace. The program offers students a unique opportunity to find employment in their chosen field, and includes on-campus interviews with prospective employers. Activities include:

  • Interview preparation and employability training, including mock interviews
  • Professional development counselling – individual and group learning, preparation and role play
  • Resume writing, cover letter development, job search techniques, and interview preparation and follow up
  • An in-house placement service
  • On-campus interviews with a range of prospective employers.

Campus Location

Level 1, 160-166 Sussex Street, Sydney


Diploma of Business (Enterprise)

The Diploma of Business (Enterprise) provides students with the opportunity to prepare for transition into university studies and further studies in the Bachelor of Business (BBNS) and/or for transition to the business workforce at entry level.

  • Duration: 2 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 8,500 / trimester

Diploma of Information Technology

This course helps you develop the skills and knowledge in a range of Information Technology fields allowing you to progress your qualifications and career in IT.

  • Duration: 2 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 8,500 / trimester

Bachelor of Information Technology

Become a specialist in your field in this vast industry, and choose your own job pathway that meets your passion and strengths.

  • Duration: 6 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 9,720 / trisemester

Bachelor of Business (Major in Accounting)

Graduates with this major can gain employment in accounting practices, medium and large corporations, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Duration: 6 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 9,720 / trisemester

Professional Recognition

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) have the opportunity for entry into CPA Australia as an associate member when the appropriate sequence of units is completed. Entry into the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) requires the completion of the same sequence of units plus Taxation Law and Practice and Auditing units.

Bachelor of Business (Major in Information System Management)

The Bachelor of Business (Information Systems Management) aims to prepare students for entry into the Information Systems profession.

  • Duration: 6 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 9,720 / trisemester

Professional recognition

Graduates can attain professional membership of the Australian Computer Society.

Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

This course will provide you with the technical, analytical, appreciative, personal and interpersonal skills essential in today’s global environment.

  • Duration: 2 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 10,800 / trisemester


This course is professionally recognised with accreditation from CPA Australia.

Graduate Diploma in Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)

Learn to support the implementation and maintenance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems by applying analytical techniques and SAP technology to support information problems.

  • Duration: 2 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 10,800 / trisemester

Master of Business (Accounting)

Study a globally recognised accounting degree and gain a strong foundation and conceptual knowledge of recent developments in sustainability and global trends in accounting.

  • Duration: 4 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 10,800 / trisemester


Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to apply for accreditation with CPA Australia and/or The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA)

Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)

This course provides an information systems perspective to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, with an emphasis on SAP R/3.

  • Duration: 4 Trimester of study
  • Tuition: AUD 10,800 / trisemester

Master of Applied Information Technology

Boost your career prospects and become highly employable with a postgraduate qualification in IT.

  • Duration: 4 Trimester of Study
  • Tuition: AUD 10,800 / trisemester


Living costs will vary by location, and by your lifestyle. With a student card, you will be eligible for concession prices to events, the cinema, museums and more.

The Australian government visa requirement is AUD19,830 per year for students. This value applies as of 1 July 2016. View more information about student visa living costs and evidence of funds on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

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